Mass + Moment has established by design storytellers in a variety of fields including space, graphic and media art.
We are a creative studio that fund the story in you and interage with
space through various interaction between people and design. We will concentrate on the value of life and cultural phenomenon in the rapidly changing era of the times, and keep searching for ways to what kind of life and value is proper to be in the space.

Recent Project

Jack Percell Pop-Up Store 2019
Credit Union Exhibition Hall 2019
LG U+ Flagship Store Proposal 2019
Safety Experience Center Design Proposal  2019

Garibong-dong Community Center 2019



GGM Interior & Showroom (Work In Progress, 2020)
Yeosu Safety Education Center (Work In Progress, 2020)
DMZ Peace Center Exhibition (Work In Progress, 2020)
Jeongneung-dong High-Class Houes Interior (Work In Progress, 2020)
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibition Facility(2020)
KIA Digital Showroom Guideline(2020)
Uijeongbu Music Library(2020)
Chuncheon Hallym University Lobby Interior Renovation(2020)
KOEN Safety Disaster Prevention Education Center(2020)
Incheon Songdo Train Station Exhibition(2020)
Jack Percell Flagship Store(2019)
LG U+ 5G Flagship store(2019)
Seoul Metropolitan Student’s Safety Education Center(2019)

Credit Union Exhibition Hall(2019)
Garibong-Dong Community Center(2019)
Boundary: Upside–down the Horizon(2019)


Hanyang University CES 2019(2019)
Shinsegae Magazine(2018)
KCC Brochure(2018)
CJ Logistics integrated Web·Mobile Site(2018)
World Vision Magazine(2018)
Hyundai Motor Group Brochure(2017)
Hanwha Resort Life(2017)
Social Enterprise Magazine 36.5(2016)
SK Telecom Smart Coding School Interaction Device(2016)
SK Telecom Annual Report(2016)
Doosan Heavy Industries Construction(2012)

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Kim Ki Wan

Co. Founder
CFO & Construction Director

Education & Work Experience

Cheil Worldwide
Sigong Tech

Moon Jun Seok

Co. Founder
Creative Director

Education & Work Experience

Royal College of Art. UK
Goldsmiths, University of London. UK
Sigong Tech

Creative Studio Mass+Moment
703, KD–U Tower, 70, Jeongui–ro,
Songpa–gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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